myWaste delivers traceability and transparency for your operational process

The private initiative has a fundamental role on the preservation of natural resources because it is the cause of huge environmental problems. The use of a platform turned to the deliver of waste information traceability from the generation until the destination is very important so that the company has full conscience of how it is the impact of the waste they generate.  

mywaste helps the companies to remain in conformity with the environmental laws making available information about the whole waste flow and based in charts and indicators, all in real time.

We work with all the actors from the waste chain so, check out a little of what we can do to help each one:

GENERATORS: we deliver all the waste and license management in only one platform. MyWaste has functionalities thought to bring transparency and governance from the ESG indicators and on the relationship with suppliers and customers.

SHIPPING: your collects can be more organized and the traceability guaranteed end to end. Create and manage routes and know exactly when and how the collects and the deliveries were realized. Optimize your processes and gain in profitability.

LANDFILLS: monitor the movement and the waste treatment that you receive. With MyWaste you have the control of the input and output, besides the management of your internal stock to guarantee a more assertive decision taking.

CONSULTING: have the control of all licenses and conditions from your customers. Emit reports and MTRs to the environmental agencies easier. Besides, manage the waste input and output from your contracts. 

RECYCLERS: control the input of the collected recyclable materials, set up sorting and production goals. Simplify the management of the stock and the materials pressing as well as the sales management.

We are a platform completely hosted in a cloud and with an unlimited quantity of users and no cost. Traceability and transparency for your operational process!


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