How to Control Waste Management Documentation in Your Company?

Waste management is a set of techniques that aim to reduce waste generation and improve its tracking throughout its life cycle. In addition to being a legal requirement, it can represent an opportunity for continuous improvement in a company’s processes.

Legislation provides that waste management must prioritize non-generation and ensure reuse and recycling. In turn, the control of documentation related to management is of fundamental importance due to a series of legal obligations established in environmental laws.

One way to control documents and data related to waste management is to use an efficient tool that helps with these tasks. This tool should guarantee the traceability of waste, allow the issuance of important documents, enable control of final destination certificates (CDF), assist in the control of the validity of licenses and environmental conditions, and provide the necessary reports to environmental authorities.

By using a specialized waste management solution, your company can improve data reliability, optimize processes, and ensure more efficient control of information and documents. This can lead to time savings, the elimination of manual input errors and data loss, and a reduction in the risk of fines and penalties.

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